Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia

Oxford 2 day USGRA Course- June 5/6th 2014,Wycombe General Hospital.

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The use of ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia has increased in recent times among anaesthetists in many countries. Portability, increased processing power and a reduction in equipment costs have all added to its growth. Recent literature has also suggested the following advantages over other techniques:Oxford Ultrasound Regional Anaesthesia

  • reduced time for block insertion
  • increased cost effectiveness
  • reduced dose of local anaesthetic agent
  • increased block success
  • reduced complication rates
  • improved block quality
  • Improved block duration
  • Aids visualisatio of LA spread during regional anesthesia

Some of these aspects have more of a body of evidence and some of them have little if any evidence currently to support these statements. There is therefore some difference in the peripheral nerve stimulation and ultrasound camps.

The Oxford Ultrasound regional anaesthesia course is a 2 day course covering upper, lower and neuro axial blocks, abdominal wall and neck blocks. The next course is on Thursday 13th-Friday 14th June 2013 at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford.
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To watch some online training videos for ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blockade then please visit this page

Oxford Ultrasound Training Workshops

Oxford Ultrasound Workshops.

These 2 hourly workshops occur at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre on aOxford Ultrasound course

Monday at 5.30-7.30pm once a month. Based on a rolling 6 month curriculum, all blocks will be demonstrated on live models. Plenty of ultrasound scanning practice in provided as well as needling practice on phantoms and anatomy demonstrated on computer simulation programmes. A block library of ultraound guided regional anaesthetic blocks is also provided.

These ultrasound nerve block are free for any anaesthetic trainee in the Oxford Deanery. 

To find out more details about these monthly training sessions click here

The RAUK ESRA Diploma Preparation Course

ESRA Diploma Preparation CourseThe first Oxford ESRA Diploma preparatory course was run in August in 2009. Following a successful programme 20 international delegates received training in prepration for the ESRA diploma in regional anaesthesia. All 20 subsequently passed the respective components of the examination.

For 2010 this course will now be run for Regional Anaesthesia UK in Nottingham. For more details or to download a copy of the course programme please visit the downloads section of this website.

Norwich will be holding the third ESRA diploma preparatory course in August 2012. Due to high demand 2 seperate courses will be run this year with each course targeted at each component of the ESRA Diploma Examination.

View details about these coures to help prepare for the ESRA Diploma here
Alternatively book online via the Regional Anaesthesia UK website